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Multi-Paired Thermocouple wire PVC Insulated 221ºF

Key Features

  • High-Quality Extruded PVC single conductor and Jacket.
  • Flame-Retardant and excellent chemical resistant.
  • Rated for continuous use at 221° F (105º C).
  • Available as UL construction
  • Available in 30 AWG.  to 18 AWG. stranded and solid conductor.
  • Available in Thermocouple Extension Grade.
  • Twisted and shielded with aluminum/mylar tape to achieve maximum electrostatic rejection.


Multipair cables with an overall shield are constructed by insulating the single conductors with PVC. One conductor of each pair is numbered and twisted with its counterpart. The twisted pairs are cabled with an insulated copper communications wire and the entire construction is wrapped with an aluminum/Mylar tape shield. A copper drain wire is applied under the extruded PVC jacket. It can also be supplied with an additional aluminum/mylar tape and drain wire over each pair in addition to the overall shield.