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Platinum Sheath Thermocouple for High Temperature

Key Features

  • Bending radius down to four times the OD, allowing difficult heat zones to be measured.
  • A quick response to temperature change; the high conductivity of the sheath reduces the thermal lag in temperature measurement.
  • Extremely resistant to mechanical and thermal shock.
  • Resistance to chemical and atmospheric attack.
  • Meets the rigorous requirements of AMS 2750E standards.
  • Standard sheath material Pt10%Rh, other material on request available.




The thin thermocouple wires are embedded in high purity magnesia surrounded by a precious metal sheath of Pt10%Rh. This provides exceptional accuracy, extended service life and lower temperature drift.

Our precious metal insulated thermocouple offer an excellent means of controlling furnace temperatures. The low thermal mass giving an extremely quick response to temperature change. The small size of mi-cables offer unequalled advantages compared to any other methods of temperature measurement.


  • Vacuum furnaces
  • Heat treatment
  • Petrochemical
  • Glass refinery
  • Melting / brazing

On request we can also supply complete elements with standard connectors or with an extension cable, all to maintain compatibility with existing installations.