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About us

TempoTech Controls Inc.–Your source for custom engineered sensor solution

Since 1989, TempoTech Controls has provided temperature measurement solutions in the process instrumentation industry. We are known for providing custom-engineered solutions for complex temperature measurement applications. We have provided solutions to application-specific sensors using contact thermocouples, RTDs, and Infrared technology. You can count on us to deliver high-quality temperature sensors; our engineering expertise and capability to manufacture custom sensors make us the preferred choice for customers.

TempoTech Controls Inc.

TempoTech Controls India Pvt Ltd


To provide an engineered custom solution for Temperature sensors with high quality, reliable products at a competitive price. We strive to deliver continuous growth and opportunity for employees, customers, and suppliers.

Quality Controls

Quality is embedded in our company at each step, whole TempoTech team is committed to providing the best quality products and service to our customers. Our manufacturing facilities in Canada and India are certified to ISO 9001-2015 quality system. From raw material to finished products, all critical components of the products are traceable and can be traced using unique serial numbers on each product.

All of our critical raw material suppliers are ISO 9001-2015 certified and qualified through our vendor qualification system to ensure the quality of each component.
Each product shipped from our facility is 100% tested and inspected to meet ASTM IEC/ANSI/ASME standards as applicable to each product. Our final inspection procedure meets or exceeds all product quality requirements standards.

Complete Solution and Services

Starting from blueprints to the final installation of the product, we offer complete solutions for temperature sensors. We have the in-house capability to make CAD drawings, concept modelling, and prototyping for new development or existing product for further application. Our sensor  assemblies include CSA certification, material test reports, NACE Cert, PMI, pressure test, and NDT.

In 2022 we also started offering NIST traceable calibration service for all process instruments in-house and onsite. Our Instrumentation expert team can troubleshoot onsite process instruments and calibrate all process instruments, including temperature, pressure, level, and flow in the lab and onsite. Cheque our service page for full detail on services offered in-house and onsite.

  • We are committed to being a valuable partner at each stage of business and society. Our expansion to manufacturing capability in Canada and India proves our commitment to our customers for improved product quality through innovative solutions.
  • We are committed to providing our employees professional development, workplace involvement and personal growth. We are committed to providing an environment of open communication, sharing knowledge and ideas, and working with a supportive team built on respect and trust.
  • As a company, we are committed to playing a responsible role toward our environment and a healthy society by reducing waste and recycling material to reduce our carbon emission footprint.

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