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Type K Thermocouple Grade Wire PFA Insulated 20Awg Shielded with Drain Wire

Key Features

  • High-quality extruded PFA single twisted conductor and Jacket with drain wire.
  • Rated for continuous use at 500°F (260°C).
  • Available in standard limits and special limits of error.
  • Available in ANSI Wire color code.
  • Std. Brown color jacket for TC grade wire.
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PFA insulated wire shielded with drain wire is commonly used in medium temperature application e.g. Power Generation, Nickle/Electroplating, Petro Chemical Plants. It has fair abrasion and excellent moisture resistance compare to the other insulations.

Type K thermocouple wire with Alumel and Chromel conductors. Most common type of thermocouple wire used for temperature measurements, standard ANSI color code for the thermocouple conductors (Yellow/Red) with brown jacket.