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Adjustable Bayonet RTD Flexible Armored

Key Feature

  • RTD  PT100, PT1000, Ni120 and PT200.
  • 316ss of sheath material for RTD.
  • Standard stainless steel tip .
  • Tip sensitive copper tip for bearing temperature.
  • Sheath diameter 0.188″, other sizes available on request.
  • Available with Medium Temp and High Temp wire.
  • Available in Class B, A, 1/3 accuracy.


Flexible Armored Bayonet RTDs for Various applications in surface temperature measurement. These sensors have adjustable bayonet cap and the insertion length of the sensor can be adjusted from 0.5″ to the maximum length of the sensor. See Accessories section for bayonet adapters. Use our RTDs with 1/3 Din Element for high precision temperature measurement.