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Remote Head Mount Thermocouple TT-RM

Key Features

  • Available thermocouples K, J, T, N and E.
  • A wide selection of sheath material to suit application requirement, 304ss, 316ss, 321ss.
  • Sheath diameter is available from 1/8″ to 0.750.
  • Standard stainless steel tip and fast response copper tip for RTDs.
  • Available with General-purpose and Explosion-proof head.
  • It also can be supplied with a Head-mount transmitter or Field-mount transmitter with the display.
  • Available with coated and non-coated armor.


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Remote Head Thermocouple Assembly is specifically designed for the applications where the head cannot be mounted directly to the sensor due to the limited space, High temperature, High vibration, etc. It can be supplied with Explosion-proof, General-purpose head and with Field-mount Display Assembly. These sensors come with stainless armored lead suited to application temperature. It can also be supplied with thermowell and protection well.