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Wall Mount Room Temperature RTD

Key Feature

  •  RTD  PT100, PT1000, Ni120 and PT200
  • 316ss of sheath material for RTD.
  • Standard stainless steel tip and fast response copper tip for RTDs
  • Available with general-purpose and Explosion-proof head.
  • It also can be supplied with a head mount transmitter or Field mount transmitter with the display.
  • Can be mounted easily on wall.


Room temeprature RTDs are commonly used in food processing plants or industrial environmet where ambient temeprature needs to monitored accurately. Our Room Temeprature RTD comes with wall mount style FSC box, it can be easily mounted on the wall or pipe with mounting bracket.

These can also be supplied with Explosion proof connection heads to use in hzardous locations. It comes with optional 4-20 mA output transmitter and lcd display.

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