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RTD24- Ring Style RTD

Key Features

  • Wide range of RING and Terminal Lugs
  • Available with Teflon or Fiberglass insulated wire for medium and high temp application


Product Specification

2RTD Type
3RTD Accuracy
4Sensor Element
5Wire Configuration
6Temperature Range
7Ring Type
8Sheath OD
9Sheath Mat.
10Process Fitting
11Wire Type
12Codes For Termination
13Codes for Termination (Jack)
14Optional Accessory
15Optional Accessory
16Immersion Length (Inch)  1 To 250
17Lead Length (Inch)  6 To 10000

Part Number



Ring Style Terminal Style RTD are easy to install on any surface with screw or bolt and nut. Various Ring and Terminal Sizes are available for all type of applications.

Most common application for these RTDs is control panel temperature, medical devices, and other industrial equipment.